A Guide On Building Demolition

Demolishing a house can be quite risky. Other than the possibility of site accidents, you could also damage nearby installations or injure third parties. Below is an article discussing how to conduct demolition works. 

Secure The Required Permits

You will need a demolition permit to pull down a house in Australia. When applying for a permit, the local council will need a demolition plan detailing the scope of the demolition, how you will demolish the structure and the safety measures you will observe at the site. They may deny the permit if the demolition works contravene strata bylaws or the council's planning regulations. For instance, the council could prohibit the demolition of structures with historical significance. 

Work With An Experienced Demolition Contractor

Unlike renovation works, house demolition is not a DIY project. Therefore, you should hire a demolitions contractor to demolish the building. Consider the following when hiring the contractor:

  1. See if the contractor has an operating licence. Besides they should be a member of a professional association.
  2. Assess the contractor's expertise. Typically, they should have demolished similar or larger properties in the past. Positive client reviews will increase your confidence in the contractor's services.
  3. Check the services provided by the contractor. Other than demolition, work with a contractor that can remove dangerous materials and dispose of demolition waste.
  4. Examine the terms of the contractor. For instance, how much will they charge? How should you make payments? What are the terms of contract termination? The contractor should have an experienced labour force and required plant equipment. 

Observe Site Safety      

Inspect the site before you commence demolition works. Disconnect power and gas lines and be on the lookout for hazardous materials such as asbestos. The site inspection will help you choose appropriate equipment to pull down the building. For instance, a long-reach excavator is ideal when demolishing multi-storey buildings. A bobcat or telehandler is ideal if the area is inaccessible to large plant equipment. You should also assess the viability of implosion. It is a quick and effective way to demolish the structure. 

All site equipment should be inspected to ensure that they will not develop problems or cause accidents. Besides, they should be operated by experienced professionals. Barricade the site and ask the demolition crew to wear protective clothing. Use a water curtain to control demolition dust. If the site is close to a busy street or road, deploy personnel to control traffic as you work. 

When demolishing a house, seek the required permits, work with an experienced demolition contractor and observe the recommended safety tips. As a rule of the thumb, the contractor should have general liability insurance to cover employees and third parties. Look for a demolition contractor in your area to learn more.

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