Why Asbestos Should Always Be Removed As Soon As You Know About It

As science and testing improves, people often find out that many of the practices they simply accepted are actually quite harmful to the human body. This is probably best seen in the decline in use and eventual banning of asbestos in construction. For decades, asbestos was seen as an incredible innovation that was very useful as insulation while also being fire- and spark-resistant. The realisation that it was extremely harmful to humans was coupled with a feeling of collective dread as asbestos was present in practically every building at the time. To this day, asbestos is still present in many thousands of buildings across Australia and can remain a major hazard if not dealt with.

Why It Is So Important You Get Rid Of Asbestos As Soon As Possible

If you happen to stumble upon some asbestos in your home or work, you may assume that since you didn't know about it before and were fine that this streak of luck will continue. That certainly isn't always the case (especially as you stumbling upon it likely disturbed the asbestos and made it more dangerous). Even if it was, it would still be prudent to remove the asbestos immediately. Knowing there is a major health hazard within the place you eat, sleep and live isn't something to be taken lightly. It only takes one wrong move or one accident to breathe in the abrasive fibres that could ruin your health later in life. Also consider what would happen if your pets, or even worse, your children, were to make their way to the asbestos. It is simply not worth the risk.

How Do You Handle Asbestos Disposal?

The first thing to get done when organising asbestos disposal is to quarantine the area you know the asbestos is in. Don't go there, don't let your family go there, and lock the doors that lead to it. Then, call your local asbestos disposal contractor (there are many in every population centre across Australia) and give them the details that you know. When they arrive, show them the area, but bear in mind they will likely test the whole building for asbestos. Then the best thing for you and your family or housemates to do is clear out for a few days while the asbestos is removed.

Do You Really Have To Go While Asbestos Is Being Removed?

The question should be why would you ever want to stay? Asbestos is the most safe when it is not disturbed, as the fibres that cause all the health problems associated with asbestos will stay in the same place. During intense movement (like the asbestos disposal that is ongoing in your building) the fibres are shaken into the air and become extremely dangerous. If you stick around while those asbestos fibres are floating around, you are just asking for trouble. Take the weekend off or go for a quick holiday, and stay away from your home while everything is being cleaned up. It is never worth the risk even if your contractor allows it.

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