The Difference Between Small and Large Demolition

Building demolition can be small scale or take place on a grand scale that marvels Hollywood effects. Even though it looks so impressive, it is important all demolition is carried out professionally. This applies both to small and large jobs, which have very different methods.

Small Scale Building Demolition

For houses that are normal sizes, that being beneath three storeys high, demolition is a simpler task. These are known as small scale demolitions. Just because it's small scale, don't believe that it is a job you can do yourself. It's only small scale in comparison to the bigger jobs. At the end of the day, you're still demolishing a house, so you'll have to hire a a licensed and insured demolition contractor. A full house inspection needs to be undertaken to check for hazardous material such as asbestos. Depending on the outcome of this is whether the work is deemed safe or if the house has to be treated first.

Once work commences, ensure all utilities such as gas, electric and water have been disconnected. Remove any salvageable material before the hydraulic excavator, bulldozers or, in cases of larger houses, wrecking balls tear down the house. In most cases the house is toppled by a hydraulic excavator, which basically tips the house from its base over onto its side destroying it in the process. More work stems from this in the tidy up of the resulting mess.

Large Scale Building Demolition

From a purely visual vantage point, this is where the fun starts. There are compilations online containing a multitude of different large scale building demolitions. They are quite impressive but don't show the painstaking, meticulous work that goes into undertaking these demolitions. Large buildings are usually demolished using a method called building implosion. This demolition method occurs within seconds and with such specific planning that it doesn't even impact neighbouring buildings, but it is only used as a last resort when buildings that need to come down cannot be demolished another way.

As with small scale demolitions, if undertaking an implosion, the first step is to carry out all safety measures. Once the work is ready to begin, there may be a stage of dismantling for preparation, removing any items which may affect the implosion before the supply and installation of explosives takes place. These are placed strategically so the outcome of where everything will fall is known in advance. After that is the inevitable — the spectacular explosion and the clean up. 

Even though they are both very different jobs, they both follow a similar outline to achieve the demolition of the building. Whether small or large scale, nothing can stand in the way when it is time for a building to be demolished. Contact a company like Dig Dig Pty Ltd to learn more about demolition projects.

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